Painting Studio

This week, I started my second semester of the third year, the scariest of them all Рin May we are having our final exhibition! In the last semester, I did not use my studio space in the School of Art at all, but that is going to change this semester. Now, I have got a new space, and I have even got some furniture AND a sink today. I had a lot of fun hunting down different taps and in the end, I actually found a not-to-expensive sink that I just had to buy. Found it in the secondhand shop, Craft. One thing that I love about Aberystwyth is that there are so many secondhand shops here, for being such a small town.

Luckily I got some help with the transportation. Thank you, Luciana!

My plan is to focus on still life painting this semester and not paint from photographs. I am going to continue painting sinks (hence my new sink), but draw and paint from real life and objects I can see in front of me. Some pictures from my studio:

Looking forward to working much more in my new space the following weeks.