Road Trip in America

In this blog post, I am going to write a bit about my (almost) three-week long road trip to the USA this summer. I went with two of my best friend, Ida Taule and May Eriksrød Selle. It was about two years ago that we decided to go on this trip, and we booked the tickets already one year in advance – actually as soon as they were put out for sale! Before we left Norway we had found a car rental in New York and paid for a few hotels along the way so we had some fixed dates to keep our journey in place. Our driving plan (which we basically followed) started in New York the 20th of June and ended in Seattle the 8th July:


On the Road

20th June

  • Land in New York

23th June

  • Drive to Niagara Falls – spend a night

24th June

  •  – Drive to Toronto – spend a night

25th June

  • Drive to Chicago – spend a night

26th June

  • Drive to West Des Moines – spend three nights

29th June

  • Drive to St. Olaf University (May is studying there)
  • Spend a night in Northfield

30th June

  • Spend the day and a night in Minneapolis

1st July

  • Drive to Rapid City – spend a night

2nd July

  • Drive to see Mount Rushmore
  • Drive to Yellowstone – spend two nights

4th July

  • Drive to Boise – spend a night
  • Celebrate the day!

5th July

  • Drive to Seattle – spend three nights

It was an amazing trip and one of the best holidays I have ever had! I definitely want to go back at some point and experience even more of the country.