Living in France

It has been a while since my last update, but I am finally making a new post! In July I graduated from Aberystwyth University, which was a great experience, but also a bit sad as it was the ending of three amazing years.

I continued to stay in Aberystwyth over the summer and had a great time. I met some lovely people and was actually able to enjoy the beach and the sun (I do understand why people travel to Aberystwyth in the summer).

For a long time I had wanted to move to France, and in September last year, my boyfriend and I packed our most important things and left the UK to find a place in France. We aimed for Lyon and stayed in an Airbnb for a week before deciding it was an impossible task to find somewhere to live. A tip: if you don’t have a pre-planned flat ready to move in to and are moving somewhere new, try to get there before all the students. In one week we had three offers, two of them were people trying to scam us and the third was a flat more humid and moldy than a basement (a fan had to be on 24/7 and the smell was still unbearable).

In the end, we decided to continue our journey and left Lyon, hoping that there would be a not-too-expensive and furnished flat we could rent in Grenoble. And there was. We are now living in a lime-green painted, two floors flat with no actual sunlight, but it is not too bad and it is great to have a place!

We have been living in Grenoble for about six months now, and it really is a nice city. I love being surrounded by mountains. Here are a few pictures of Grenoble:

Regarding my artwork, I have not been creating nearly as much as I wish I had. I am currently doing a full-time psychology course, and have to focus on my exams. I do, however, feel pretty inspired lately, and hope to get started painting one of these days. When I do, I will post some pictures on my blog.