It is now a week ago since we packed up our student exhibition, Extravaganza, from our previous flat, and today we are hanging it at the Mid Wales Arts Centre. The exhibition last week actually went really well, way better than expected!

Here are some images from the pop-up exhibition that was on display from 4th to the 7th of June, in Aberystwyth town centre:

Tomorrow it will open again. At Mid Wales Arts Centre, 15th of June, at 7pm along with a live concert with Jeb Loy Nichols. If you didn’t get a chance to see Extravaganza the first time, don’t miss this opportunity!

The exhibition will stay open for a few weeks.



For further information contact:

01686 683369

Exhibition Preparations

The last few days I have worked together with some friends preparing for the event Extravaganza, an independent student exhibition that we are curating.

It will be showing from Monday 4th until Wednesday 6th of June in Aberystwyth. So far we have made posters and hung them all over town, painted a huge banner and collected work from fellow students.

Flyer Extravaganza 2018

If you are interested please come and have a look, we are exhibiting a lot of great artwork!

You can find the event on facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/662854740712897/

Degree Show

Now, it is two days since the opening of the Degree Show at the School of Art, but it will stay open until the end of the month. This is one of my first exhibitions, and the opening of it was truly a great experience which went better than I expected.

Exhibition WallFlowersDegree Show 2018Exhibition

I am actually really pleased with how my exhibition space ended up looking like, and with my artwork as well. Please come along for the exhibition if you are interested – there are a lot of great artists and some amazing artwork!

Flower Paintings

Just a short post about how my work is coming along. I am aiming to have 32 paintings in the exhibition, but there is still a bit of work to be done before I can hang them in my studio space next week. At this moment I have completely finished 12 of them and still have 2 paintings I did not even start yet, I am a little bit (a lot) stressed since I also have a 4000-word essay to deliver on Tuesday.

Anyways, here are some of the paintings I am completely done with:

Now I just really hope I have enough time so I can manage to get all of them done to the state I want them to be!

Preparing for the Exhibition

The last three days I have been working in room 301 (the life drawing studio) in the School of Art to prepare my space for the Degree Show. The opening is on the 19th of May – in only 9 days! I still have quite a lot of work that needs to be finished before the exhibition, but at least my studio space is looking good now.

Here is the design of the studio spaces, drawn by our technician and curator at the SoA Phil Garratt:

I was a part of the last group to help with the building of the walls in the studios (301 and 306). That was Tuesday afternoon, and yesterday I stayed for more than five hours in the school preparing the walls for painting and giving them the first layer of white paint. Earlier today I returned to finish my space with the last coat of paint.

How to prepare the studio space:

  1. Cover the floor with newsprint or plastic etc.
  2. Look for nails, screws or staples and remove them from the walls.
  3. Make sure to rub out any pencil marks on the wall since they will shine through the paint if they are left on the wall.
  4. Fill in holes in the wall with a filler.
  5. Cover the corners and gaps between the plates of the wall with tape (good quality masking tape 2 or 4 inches) and make sure it is very well glued to the wall.
  6. Paint as many layers of white paint as necessary.

I am really looking forward to the exhibition (which is really getting scarily close). Now, I only have to finish my work so I can hang it in my space early next week.

The Takeover

Yesterday, 8th May, I went to see an exhibition at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, The Takeover. A self-curated exhibition by students of the module Interdisciplinary Practice held by Miranda Whall. This is the third year this exhibition is running, but last year I did not get a chance to see it so I am really happy I had time this year since it was only showing for one afternoon (12pm – 3pm).

The Takeover 2018

The exhibition has got its name from the concept – the students are taking over the Arts Centre and transforming parts of the public space. They were showing work and installations of different kinds of art practices, based on their own perception of the Centre. Amongst the work were short films, sound installations, projections, and performances.

I really think exhibitions like this are great! It is a good opportunity for the public to gain insight into the practices at the School of Art, and it is fascinating to see all the different connections, ideas and creativity coming together in a completely unique experience.

The Takeover

Thanks to everyone involved in the Takeover for making such an amazing exhibition!

Work in Progress

Since last time I updated my blog, I have finished a few more flowers paintings. In this blog post, I am going to show you my technique and progress so far. My initial plan was to complete 12 of them, and they were supposed to hang next to each other on the wall (I was also going to paint the string you can see in the photograph I posted earlier and some of the studies). After my last tutorial before Easter, my plan has now changed and my new goal is to paint 64 (!) of them for the exhibition – filling a whole wall with dried flowers.

This is the process for most of my paintings; I start off studying the dried flower before I make a quick sketch of it in charcoal. After making the sketch (normally on the board already gessoed and painted), I fill in the big areas with a light background colour, to build up the layers in the painting. None of these flowers are finished yet, so I do have to work some more on them when I get back to the School of Art after Easter, but I do think they demonstrate how I normally work.

Here is one of my paintings which is basically finished and ready for the exhibition:

Staging an Exhibition

Today I helped staging an exhibition, Alternative Facts, that is being displayed at the School of Art from the 22 May until 29 September. This exhibition were a part of my undergraduate module “Staging an Exhibition” held by Harry Heuser. In the beginning of this semester, we chose three objects each and throughout this module, we have been taught how to write labels, introductory text panels and how to display the artwork.

Alternative Facts poster

If you are interested, you are very welcome to come and take a look at our exhibition!