Recently, I have made some prints inspired by my flower paintings. They are created with the printmaking process of etching aluminum plates and printed on special printmaking paper. I will try to explain the process here:

  1. To start off, I had four plates the same size (15 x 19 cm) and prepared them by filing and beveling the edges, before covering them with B.I.G. ground * and baking them on 150°C for 6 minutes.
  2. I borrowed an etching needle and used it to carve into the plate. At this stage, it is important to think about the fact that everything you carve will be mirrored in the final print.
  3. After creating the image, the back of the plates was covered with tape for protection and they were etched in a mix of salt and copper sulphate.
  4. The remaining ground had to be removed and then I could start actually printing the plates.
  5. I printed the plates with black etching ink on Hahnemühle and white and satin Somerset paper.

*  B.I.G ground is a unique printmaking ground created as a safer alternative by our printmaking teacher Andrew Baldwin.

You can find information about the ground here: