New project!

Today I spent an afternoon in the School of Art, working on my new project for the exhibition. The exhibition is going to be shown in May, and thinking about it is both scary and exciting at the same time!

Here are two photos from the project:

Dried flowers

Flower studies

The project involves a lot of dried flowers, hung all over my studio space. These three paintings are just some quick studies I made to have an idea of the best background colour. The plan is to paint around 12 of these boards, including different flowers in each painting. They are painted with acrylic paint on gessoed cardboard (around 15 x 20 cm).

I will update more on my blog shortly, but for now, have a great evening!

Painting Studio

This week, I started my second semester of the third year, the scariest of them all – in May we are having our final exhibition! In the last semester, I did not use my studio space in the School of Art at all, but that is going to change this semester. Now, I have got a new space, and I have even got some furniture AND a sink today. I had a lot of fun hunting down different taps and in the end, I actually found a not-to-expensive sink that I just had to buy. Found it in the secondhand shop, Craft. One thing that I love about Aberystwyth is that there are so many secondhand shops here, for being such a small town.

Luckily I got some help with the transportation. Thank you, Luciana!

My plan is to focus on still life painting this semester and not paint from photographs. I am going to continue painting sinks (hence my new sink), but draw and paint from real life and objects I can see in front of me. Some pictures from my studio:

Looking forward to working much more in my new space the following weeks.