Croeso, Welcome, Velkommen

A little bit about me: I am a Norwegian art graduate from Aberystwyth University. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and going to the theatre. I also love traveling and do that as much as I can; to learn about new cultures, experience new places and gain inspiration from the world around me.

Artist Statement:

Flowers are ephemeral; their beauty fades. They remind us that all things are perishable, inevitably. However, their splendour can be preserved in a different form. This semester, I’ve been working to capture the character and spirit of dried flowers. By examining and painting their individual essences, shapes, and tones, one by one, I’ve aimed to create a larger picture where they all hang and speak together the language of an everlasting beauty.

‘There are always flowers for those who want to see them’.
– Henri Matisse

Hope you enjoy my blog, and if you have any questions or inquiries feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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