Preparing for the Exhibition

The last three days I have been working in room 301 (the life drawing studio) in the School of Art to prepare my space for the Degree Show. The opening is on the 19th of May – in only 9 days! I still have quite a lot of work that needs to be finished before the exhibition, but at least my studio space is looking good now.

Here is the design of the studio spaces, drawn by our technician and curator at the SoA Phil Garratt:

I was a part of the last group to help with the building of the walls in the studios (301 and 306). That was Tuesday afternoon, and yesterday I stayed for more than five hours in the school preparing the walls for painting and giving them the first layer of white paint. Earlier today I returned to finish my space with the last coat of paint.

How to prepare the studio space:

  1. Cover the floor with newsprint or plastic etc.
  2. Look for nails, screws or staples and remove them from the walls.
  3. Make sure to rub out any pencil marks on the wall since they will shine through the paint if they are left on the wall.
  4. Fill in holes in the wall with a filler.
  5. Cover the corners and gaps between the plates of the wall with tape (good quality masking tape 2 or 4 inches) and make sure it is very well glued to the wall.
  6. Paint as many layers of white paint as necessary.

I am really looking forward to the exhibition (which is really getting scarily close). Now, I only have to finish my work so I can hang it in my space early next week.

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