The Takeover

Yesterday, 8th May, I went to see an exhibition at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, The Takeover. A self-curated exhibition by students of the module Interdisciplinary Practice held by Miranda Whall. This is the third year this exhibition is running, but last year I did not get a chance to see it so I am really happy I had time this year since it was only showing for one afternoon (12pm – 3pm).

The Takeover 2018

The exhibition has got its name from the concept – the students are taking over the Arts Centre and transforming parts of the public space. They were showing work and installations of different kinds of art practices, based on their own perception of the Centre. Amongst the work were short films, sound installations, projections, and performances.

I really think exhibitions like this are great! It is a good opportunity for the public to gain insight into the practices at the School of Art, and it is fascinating to see all the different connections, ideas and creativity coming together in a completely unique experience.

The Takeover

Thanks to everyone involved in the Takeover for making such an amazing exhibition!

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