Work in Progress

Since last time I updated my blog, I have finished a few more flowers paintings. In this blog post, I am going to show you my technique and progress so far. My initial plan was to complete 12 of them, and they were supposed to hang next to each other on the wall (I was also going to paint the string you can see in the photograph I posted earlier and some of the studies). After my last tutorial before Easter, my plan has now changed and my new goal is to paint 64 (!) of them for the exhibition – filling a whole wall with dried flowers.

This is the process for most of my paintings; I start off studying the dried flower before I make a quick sketch of it in charcoal. After making the sketch (normally on the board already gessoed and painted), I fill in the big areas with a light background colour, to build up the layers in the painting. None of these flowers are finished yet, so I do have to work some more on them when I get back to the School of Art after Easter, but I do think they demonstrate how I normally work.

Here is one of my paintings which is basically finished and ready for the exhibition:

Careers Fair

Today I spent the early afternoon in Aberystwyth Arts Centre, at a careers fair arranged to help students gain more insight into the different job markets.

Aber Careers

I went to two talks aimed at students studying Arts and Humanities, Working in Arts & Curation and Working in Creative Writing, Journalism & Publishing. The former was held by Carrie Canham, curator at the Ceredigion Museum in Aberystwyth. It was a great talk about her personal journey, how she has been working on various projects in several different museums, and eventually ended up in the job she has today.

Canham also mentioned the restoration of the Ceredigion Museum, a truly great museum telling the history of the county, and how she and her team approached the task. The new renovation has been amazing and a great improvement. Another great thing about the museum is that it is completely free of charge to enter (and they do have great coffee in the new café).

Ceredigion Museum

The Ceredigion Museum’s web page:

At the end of her talk, she mentioned a few advice for everyone seeking a job as a curator:

  • Think about your specialism, what YOU can give to the museum.
  • Think about skills you can develop: fundraising, writing, communication and IT.
  • Think about doing some volunteering or get work experience in the field.
  • Think about networking, get contacts and friends.

I really enjoy events like this! By listening to other peoples experiences you can truly learn a lot. If there is something I have learned today; if you wish to get your dream job, do not to let the opportunities slip by but grab them when you have a chance, and never ever give up on yourself (even if it seems hard, there is a lot of competition or people give you bad reviews).

New project!

Today I spent an afternoon in the School of Art, working on my new project for the exhibition. The exhibition is going to be shown in May, and thinking about it is both scary and exciting at the same time!

Here are two photos from the project:

Dried flowers

Flower studies

The project involves a lot of dried flowers, hung all over my studio space. These three paintings are just some quick studies I made to have an idea of the best background colour. The plan is to paint around 12 of these boards, including different flowers in each painting. They are painted with acrylic paint on gessoed cardboard (around 15 x 20 cm).

I will update more on my blog shortly, but for now, have a great evening!